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? about 99/500 BOA CC help please

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Re: ? about 99/500 BOA CC help please

my score is 510 actually there is a BOA in Michigan. Dumb woman on phone lol
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Re: ? about 99/500 BOA CC help please

Well i did that one and nothing came up for a $99/500 went straight to the secured card for $300 and up. GRR
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Re: ? about 99/500 BOA CC help please

Boswd wrote:
I don't think it's offered through that either.   Unless someone has had a different experience.

If so I stand corrected and apologize.  I could swear it came up for me, I was surprised by it but the screen also said the bureaus might be down.
Alas, instead of doing my dishes... I chatted online with Ed from BoA to see what I could find out.

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Chat InformationThank you for choosing Bank of America. An operator will be with you shortly.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Ed.
Ed: Hello, I specialize in assisting with new personal credit card applications. How may I assist you today?
you: hello, is there a way to apply for the 99/500 card online?
Ed: To see if you may be qualified for the Partial Secured Card online you can apply for the Visa Platinum Plus card to see if you receive a counter offer via online or by mail.
you: i see, i have a few friends interested in the card and thought there was an easier way. that is the only way online correct?
Ed: Correct, and only as a counteroffer. This card is not available for anyone to apply.
you: aha thank you sooo much for explaining ed, you've been very helpful and i will pass the info along! that was my only Q and thanks again!
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Re: ? about 99/500 BOA CC help please

ty I appreciate it. I dont qualify for it unfortuantly. Guess I have to slap $300 down for a secured. At least itll be worth it.
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