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bobkelly asked me to say this

Senior Contributor

Re: bobkelly asked me to say this

smallfry wrote:
Noah I don't know if you were serious or not but re: your original post no they do not have any legal rights to tax earned income of a US citizen.

I was being facetious. The 16th Amendment could not be more clear, and the arguments questioning the legitimacy of ratification do not convince me. Unless and until I see something definitive in a law review article, I ain't buying the arguments of tax protesters.
I'm not enamored of the income tax, and I for one would prefer a national sales tax--not a VAT. It would be far more visible every time one made a purchase and would reinforce one's support of or opposition to government spending. However, so long as it remains the law, it is in the interest of all to comply.
Some on here have at times lamented the "dangerous discussions" in pursuit of credit rehabilitation, and I am often at the center of the firestorm of discussion. There are any number of laws with which I do not agree, but so long as they remain the law I remain in general compliance. You can fight the credit bureaus, OCs, CAs, JDBs, et al. and win. But you ain't likely gonna win if you go up against the federal government.
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