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equifax monitoring

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equifax monitoring

anyone use this feel its any good, looking for alternatives to checking my credit score, really interested in mortgage scores thanks

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Re: equifax monitoring

I tried EQ monitoring with in the past month. I didn't like it. Their scores are not Fico or Vantage scores they are EQ scores based on EQ scoring system, I did not know this before I signned up. The scores are lower than the fico scores, in my case 54pts lower. If knowning your Fico scores is your main objective I would look somewhere else.

Starting Scores: EQ 598, EX 566, TU 550, 3/31/13 ....... Goal Score: 760
Current Scores: EQ 762, EX 758, TU 748 ..................... Inq: EQ: 2, EX: 5, TU: 6

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