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fico credit scores


fico credit scores

I understand that the scores change daily and sometimes hourly. Just wondering how many times do you all pull your credit report? at 15.95 per report, several times a month can be very costly. Maybe Iam doing it all wrong it there another package. Just wondering because I wanted to pull my credit but was waiting for 8-1-07 I also use true credit but their scores are fakos and I really need to know what my real score is. Thanks for all your helpSmiley Indifferent
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Re: fico credit scores

Cheapest way is to either do EQ score watch and/or the Myfico Identity Theft Security Deluxe. With the EQ you get an alert whenever your score changes by how you set your alerts and the TU you get a new score every 3 months i believe. I like both of them.

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