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late payment on credit report ... how to get rid of it ?

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late payment on credit report ... how to get rid of it ?


i have a question about two years ago my wife signed up for victoria secret crecit card and after using it for like one year she had to go out of country for couple of months, meanwhile there was nothing due on her card and she thought she's safe with it but unfortunately they started some kind a protection plan on her card with out asking her (or may be they tricked her while signing up) and it was for $10 or something per month, when she came back she was 60 days late on her card, she called them up and closed the card but the demage was done.

now my question is as i heard it takes 7 years to get the negative info out of your credit report. Is there any other way she can get rid of this negative info ?

that's the only bad thing she has on her credit report.

Please help ...

i'll appreciate it.


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Re: late payment on credit report ... how to get rid of it ?

Three ways.

1. If she disputes the obligation for this debt, she can dispute its accuracy, preferably by way of direct dispute with the creditor under FCRA 623(a)(8), or by way of the dispute through the CRA under FCRA 611(a)  (not my recommended way of disputing)

2.  If the debt remains unpaid, and cant be disputed as inaccurate, by offer of  payment in exchange for credit reporting deletion (PFD offer)

3 or , if the debt is paid, a letter to them for good-will (GW) deletion of their prior credit reporting

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