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myFico TU score reporting inaccurately?

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myFico TU score reporting inaccurately?

TU Score.pngMy TU score (going by Discover) has been no lower than 681 for the past year, and as of two weeks ago was 695. I just signed up for 3 bureau credit monitoring on here for the first time since last July, and they have my TU score at 664. There's no chance this is accurate, nothing has occured that would drop my score 31 points in the past two weeks. I've had one inquiry since then, that's the only change during that time. Is this a known issue with TU on myfico? I went to the product feedback forum and several people mention that alerts for TU seem to be broken. Does this bureau just not report correctly on myfico?

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Re: myFico TU score reporting inaccurately?

TU has been known to be glitchy. What are the issues listed in the report causing the low score? Do they match the issues noted on the Discover score page?

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Re: myFico TU score reporting inaccurately?

Yes, TU has had issues recently. That could be the cause.

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