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old navy outrageous interest rate switch

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old navy outrageous interest rate switch

one year ago i was in an old navy store  an employee said if i signed up the interest rate would be 16.99% or lower.  the card came with a rate of 24.99%.   i immediately shredded the card.  just received annual credit reports and the card is on there.  i called old navy to see if they would negotiate a lower rate.  NO! we never lower interest rate said the nasty girl.  i asked for a supervisor and was left on hold for 46 minutes!  should i call and  cancel the card  will that do a lot of damage to my score?  or should i call old navy again to try to get a lower rate?  don't they realize i have never used the card because of the rate and never will unless its lower, do they not care?  i dont know what to do someone please help i'm new to this.  thanks to everyone in advance

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Re: old navy outrageous interest rate switch

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