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on my boyfriend's report..

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on my boyfriend's report..

he has scores below 500..eekk
as of 7/3/07
he has a one credit card - balance is $721.76, opened since 2003 - he paid them $125 through western union last week..CL is $500, APR is $28.15, we are trying to keep the card open by paying them bi-weekly of $125 so it wont get over the credit limit..- what should we do to keep his balance under the credit limit? i asked if we pay on time for 6 months, (its a CAP ONE Platinum), we can call back to request for increase credit limit and interest rate lowered..they told me to call back in 6 months
during his stay in Indiana, he went to hospital thinking his insurance covered the bill but he didnt know that the bill was on his CR. with me helping him, i called NCO and requested for the original creditor's address and phone number, but they dont have it on their file. what should i do? i DV'ed them on July 10,2007 - i checked the tracking number on and it was delivered..still waiting to hear from them
and for his jcpenney account, i called the collection agency on juky 2nd - i couldnt believe the first thing that came out of the lady's mouth, was " you have the balance owing 588, how do you want to get this paid - credit card or a check?" i told her i cant get everything done right away til i get this settlement in writing so i requested their address..she asked me why..i didnt say so but told her to email me the settlement agreement
here's the email message she sent me on July 2nd
ATT: consumer's name
Please refer to the conversation with CHRISTINA
Per your reqest, we would want you to know that we have a JC PENNEY CONSUMER bill in immediate Collections for the card number XXXXXXXXXX (BACS Acct:XXXX) for an amount of $568.56
We are pleased to inform you that we can offer a settlement on this account for $500.00 if the payment is made today over the phone.
After thje receipt of htis payment, this account will be paid in full and out of collections.
Jeffrey Stevens
Bay Area Credit Service
97. East Brokaw, STE 240
Jan Jose, CA 95112
- is this the right thing to do? my boyfriend opened this account in Ohio back in 2003..has the SOL passed?
please help.. i dont know what to do with this account..thanks all in advance for your replies

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Re: on my boyfriend's report..

The SOL on the JCPenny PROBABLY hasn't passed, I believe its usually 7 years on most states but you can do some Google searches and find out. As for Crapitol One card, why is he paying through Western Union, doesn't he have to pay Western Union to send the payment? It would be cheaper (and a little slower) to pay by cashier's check/money order.
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Re: on my boyfriend's report..

Is this on your credit report yet? You only want to pay if they agree to delete the item from your credit files. Deleting a collection file from your CRA will 9 times out of 10 improve your score.
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Re: on my boyfriend's report..

jav - i dont know why he has to pay through western union.. i will talk to him about sending CrapOne money order..
and yes its on his credit report..and i will help him in writing a PFD letter to the collection agency as soon as possible...
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Re: on my boyfriend's report..

Ohio has one of the most strict SOL's of the all.
Written or oral account: 6 years, (O.R.C. §2305.07).

Written contract: 15 years, (O.R.C. §2305.06).

Oral contract: 6 years (O.R.C. §2305.07).

Note payable at a definite time: 6 years, (O.R.C. § 1303 .16(A)); (2)).

Demand note: 6 years after the date on which demand is made or 10 years if no demand is made and neither principal nor interest has been paid over that time (O.R.C. §1303.16(B)).

Dishonored check or draft: 3 years after dishonor, (O.R.C. §1303.16 (C)).
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