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paying off car loan. will score raise?

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Re: paying off car loan. will score raise?

Just to close the loop on this, it turned out that the lender had changed my status to my worst delinquency instead of paid/closed... they fixed it and my score went right back up!

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Re: paying off car loan. will score raise?

@Anonymous wrote:

I like to lease car and rent a house.


Now THAT's throwing money away.....

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Re: paying off car loan. will score raise?

your post says wallet has then there is a large list of cards, it looks like your score was in the 500's last year and now it's in the 600's. Can you break it down for me? exactly how did you raise it, time period wise and what score did you need for each of the cards you listed. Please help i always promised myself that by the time i was 30 i would buy a home. Well i just turned 29 last month and i have extended my dates all the way to oct 9th 2015 (the next day i will be 31) to get my scores up. If it doesn't happen it doesn't but i am working on it!! any suggestions would help!! My scores are currently 595, 573, and 560....

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Re: paying off car loan. will score raise?

Welcome to the forums. Rather than letting your questions get bogged down in this message or taking it off track from the original poster you may want to start a new post with your own information and questions. The information that will help is your current scores and where you obtained them and the good and bad accounts (summary) that are in your reports.


The Rebuilding Your Credit forum is a wealth of information on ways to help your score and the Mortgage forums have all the best info on what lenders are looking for in that area.

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