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question about my credit please help

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question about my credit please help

okay so i have had a crazy life and i had lots of debts and things that i had to pay off and i only last year finally got a good job and started cleaning my life up. Now all of last year i managed to pay off all my debts and fines and everything. Then in October i got my first Credit Card. After a month i went from having a 0 credit score because of no history, to having a score of 649 on Transuniton and Equifax. and each month the score has gone up around 2 points. But the problem is now its going on 4 months and Experien, the 3rd credit bureau still says its 0. I read something that says Experien, unlike the others, takes 6 months before it starts counting the credit. So do i just need to wait a few more months or what? 

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Re: question about my credit please help

Welcome to the forums, Teddy!


Can you tell us what tools you are using to view your scores?  There are many different kinds of scores: Vantage 3.0, FICO 8 Classic, FICO 8 Bankcard Enhanced, and many others.


Have you pulled your reports yet?  These are different from your scores.  If so, what tools are you using to pull your reports?


You mention that you recently got your first credit card.  Do you know whether you had another account already on any or all of your three reports?  Maybe an open or closed car loan, say?  Student loan?  Etc?

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