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"An account under dispute has been detected"

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"An account under dispute has been detected"

Not sure if this is the correct board, but here goes.


Got an alert today with this message.  What does it mean?  My scores haven't changed and I'm not disputing any accounts.  


I did open a dispute on a Chase card.  I booked a flight from Europe to home.  It was comprised of 3 flights.  The middle flight of the journey was cancelled.  By the airlines own policy, I should receive a full refund however, the travel company with whom I booked is refusing to issue a full refund.  I disputed with my credit card company.  


Could this be the "account under dispute" that was detected.  I wasn't diputing the account, just the one charge.  


Thanks for any insight you can provide.



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Re: "An account under dispute has been detected"

Yes. Some lenders place the dispute comment on the account if you dispute a charge. 

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Re: "An account under dispute has been detected"

I agree with CreditSweeper.

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Re: "An account under dispute has been detected"

How does this affect things longterm? I have never filed a dispute before, but I filed one with a local UPS store after they charged me for shipping, when I had already paid the supplier for shipping. So I disputed it. Now "An account under dispute has been detected" shows up on my account, and it looks like it dropped by Fico Score by 2 points. 

How long does this stay on there, ie is it anything to be worried about if I am looking to get a auto loan in the next few months. My score is still excellent, I jut have never disputed anything.... so I am unfamiliar with what happens when someone disputes things. 

Does it drop off? Or stay?

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Re: "An account under dispute has been detected"

The common credit reporting manual used by the big-3 CRAs clearly permits reporting of a dispute as having been made under the provisions of either the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA).

The former relates to disputes over accuracy of information contained in a consumer's credit file with a CRA, while the latter relates to disputes over credit card billing.


Yes, it is proper to report and include a dispute over credit card billing in a consumer credit file/report.

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Re: "An account under dispute has been detected"

Did this ever resolve itself @2GreenThumbs? I disputed a charge as well and the merchant has already refunded me. However, my card id still being flagged as "account in dispute"

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