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raising credit score

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Re: raising credit score

azlisa60 wrote:
What is a GW letter??

GW = Good Will. Basically you are asking a creditor to delete a late or a baddie from your CR because you are a good customer. here are some sample letters:
"Never ever, ever be late. Never" (FUTR)
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Re: raising credit score

Hello fellow AZ,
Your Credit Score should improve after the $15K to your credit debt.
I recently just paid off my credit cards about two months ago and about a month later my score jumped up 33 pts. That was Equifax. I haven't gotten a score on the other two yet.
In my opinion, this should help greatly. Another important aspect is to maintain a low balance from here on out ... and try to payoff balances each month.
Good luck!
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Re: raising credit score

Thank you for all your help. I will update in 2 weeks about my score and I am going to write the GW letter to my mortgage company to see if they will take off the late pays I had over the holidays. Any suggestions on an inexpensive monitoring service for my credit score? I am so glad I found this forum and all the suggestions on improving my score.
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Re: raising credit score

Welcome my fellow AZ'ers
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