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same credit report, different scores

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same credit report, different scores

I'm convinced your income has something to do with your scores.  My wife makes more money then i do, and her scores are about 60 points higher then mine.  We have the same credit report.  exactly same number of inq., same credit cards(we are AU on all of our cards), same limits, and same utilization.  Neither of us have a credit dreog anywhere else.  Well, we both have the same BK that's over 7 yrs old.  The only thing I can think of, is she is the primary and I am the socondary on oyr auto loan, but you couldn't tell that on our credit reports. anyone know of this?

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Re: same credit report, different scores


Income is not factored into your FICO score.   Neither is your age, sex, race, job history, etc.....


Which scores are you looking at ~ are you comparing her FICO score with your FICO score ?  


FICO looks at the age of your accounts, are you saying that every account on her and your report has the exact same date opened, credit limit, balance, and payment history ?

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