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sneaky creditors...any action necessary?

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sneaky creditors...any action necessary?

Good morning everyone,
So in today's mail I recieved one of those offers for a credit card linked to an old....(so old it came in my maiden name) debt. You know, where they try to get you to accept the offer to re-affirm the debt that has long surpassed the SOL.
Well needless to say, that's not gonna happen but anyway...I was just wondering, since this debt is too old to be listed on my credit report any longer, and incidently it's NOT on there currently...considering that the company that sent me the letter recently purchased the debt from Asset Acceptance, Is it necessary to inform them that the SOL are up on this to keep them from thinking they have a right to report? OR do they already know that and can I just ignore?
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Re: sneaky creditors...any action necessary?

Never assume they will follow the law. Ignore the CC offer. DV Asset if you get a bill. If they report sue.
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