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statute limitations for all 50 states should be sticky

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Re: statute limitations for all 50 states should be sticky

Wisconsin Statutes of Limitation

Contracts, professional services, or an open account based on a contract: 6 years.

NOTE: Payments made toward the obligation toll the statute and the time period will then run from the date of last payment or last charge by the debtor, whichever occurs later.

Up Wyoming Statutes of Limitation

Any contract, agreement or promise in writing: 10 years, (WS 1-3-105(a)(i)).

Unwritten contract, express or implied: 8 years, (WS 1-3-105(a)(ii)).

Recovery of personal property: 4 years, (WS 1-3-1 05 (a) (iv)).

Dishonor of draft (check): 3 years, (WS 34.1-3-118( c)).

Judgment: 21 years.

NOTE 1: Judgments cannot be revived after twenty-one years unless the party entitled to bring the action was a minor or subject to any other legal disability at the time the judgment became dormant, in this case action may be brought within 15 years after disability ceases, (WS 1-16-503).

NOTE 2: If no execution is issued within 5 years from date of judgment or last execution is issued, the judgment becomes dormant and ceases to operate as a lien on the estate of the debtor, (WS 1-17-307).

NOTE 3: A dormant judgment may be revived in the same manner as prescribed for reviving actions before judgment or by action, (WS 1-16-502).

Up Ontario Statutes of Limitation

Since most debt actions are based in contract: 6 years from the date the cause of action arose (date of last payment or written acknowledgment of the debt).

NOTE: If the contract provides that the law of another jurisdiction governs it, the limitation period of that jurisdiction will apply.

The post-judgment enforcement remedy of filing a writ of seizure and sale provides that the writ is valid for 6 years from the date it is issued, subject to renewal, which is the responsibility of the creditor. A discretionary procedure exists to renew an expired writ.

Actions on foreign judgments, including those from the United States, must be commenced within 20 years from the date of the foreign judgment. The merits of the defenses, if any, which were raised in the foreign debt action, are generally not available as defenses to the action on the judgment.

Up Virgin Islands Statutes of Limitation

Civil action under a contract or liability, express or implied: 3 years.

Instruments under seal, judgments or decree of any court of the United States or of any state, commonwealth or territory within the United States: 20 Years,Title 5, Section 31, Virgin Islands Code).

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