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26 more hours to go

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Re: 26 more hours to go

Mike_B03 wrote:

This is not good. The week that we are scheduled to do the walk thru (on a Monday), the paper signing (Tuesday) and getting keys (on Thursday), is a HUGE deadline week for work! Now Im worried. Smiley Sad

Yeah, we got the perfect closing date for us from the builder, as it's after inventory at my wife's store, and it's just before the end of the month financial reporting starts for me.  So it's just another reason why it's so frustrating that we have a loan officer that says "we'll try to meet that date."


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Re: 26 more hours to go

You're pretty much in the clear now. Use the remaining time to think of ways to help make it memorable and stress-free. Get a cool pen (make sure it uses blue ink), have a nice breakfast, do something different. You have many more years to worry about other things Smiley Happy

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