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401k Loan for Downpayment

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401k Loan for Downpayment

My husband and are thinking about taking a small ($3500) loan out against his 401k to help with the downpayment. We’re building and still have 3-4 months but we know that we’re going to need extra since we’re also paying down debt. My question is, should we take it out now and put it in savings or wait until right before we close? I’m goibg to contact our lender on Monday but curious if any of you have done this.
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Re: 401k Loan for Downpayment

6 are one half dozen or the other.


It almost doesn't matter as long as you have at least $7000 in your current account now.   What you want to factor in is what type of impact would this have on your account in the event of a market correction?   If the market imploded and dropped 10% next week would you still be able to borrow $3500?  Most administrators restrict borrowing of 50% of the account so that's why i mention this.


YOu certainly have enough time to w/draw these funds and put them to work if you are utilizing them to pay down accounts that may help boost your score or reduce liabilities that enhance your credit and loan profile but just remember that life happens.   Certainly don't want to have a major life crisis that requires you to use the money for something else either.....


Whichever you decide, just be sure you keep your paper trail sourcing these funds as it's critical to the process.


Congrats on your new home!


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Re: 401k Loan for Downpayment

Very good point regarding the market crashing. I would definitely feel better having it in my own account where I know I’m not going to lose it. Thanks!
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