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Adding someone to the mortgage?

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Re: Adding someone to the mortgage?

@JTC403 wrote:

My mom was going to add me to the house....


I know when there is greater than 50% change in lending a home would need to be refinanced anyway... i told her it wouldn't make sense...


We own business together... and share income/resources.  The home deed I can be added to... and her name only on the mortgage.... If the event something happened... I would be an owner in the home (deed) and be able to refi the home.... or would it go to the bank b.c i was never on the mortgage?


Just trying to get this down for estate purposes

Really it is the best option for you to be on the deed and leave her name on the mortgage alone. House wouldn't go back to the bank unless the mortgage wasn't paid but there could be servicing issues.


Talk to an estate planner for detailed advice for your specific information because you have a business and other assets. These types of things are best answered by someone actually looking at your complete situation for the best tax benefits for you and your mothers estate. Don't rely on internet forums for advice because it is too general in nature to help you much.



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