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Advice on getting a first home loan

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Advice on getting a first home loan

I am currently at 692 on all three of my scores.... I have 2 credit cards and use less than 10% of them each month and pay them off in full every month. I have had one charge-off from 2006 but that was paid off years ago.  In the past I have had some missed payments also, as of right now I have no delinquent accounts and my last late payment was 5 years ago. My fiance really has no credit at all but recently got a credit card and is usling less than 10% utilization and paying off in full monthly.  We are looking at getting a home loan in 13 months.  She has 60k in student loans and I have 10k.... we will have around 32k cash in the bank around the time of applying.  We bring in gross of 6500/month and our only debt are student loans payments of  $1000/month.  Do you think we have much of a chance at getting a mortgage? And if so at what rate do you think.  Is there anything I should be doing to have a better chance of getting approved?

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Re: Advice on getting a first home loan

A little more information:


My income 40,000

Fiances: 37,500


We have both been steeadily employed for multiple years.


This will be a single home purchase.


We will be putting around 15-20k down.... We will have 32k in the bank specified for the house.... Overall we will have around 45,000 with savings and all.



Please help me out with some info.

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Re: Advice on getting a first home loan

Hi, sounds like you have a good chance especially with your score and dwn pmt. It also deps on the score of your fiance. How long did it take you to get that score? I dont have creditcards just car and std loan
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Re: Advice on getting a first home loan

I ruined my credit a few years back in my college day. Got down to the 500's.... luckily I was able to bring it back up to 692 by being meticulous with my credit.... hopefully it will be in the 700's by the time I apply.

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