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And it has begun......

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Re: And it has begun......

Awesome story! Congrats! I'm glad you stuck it out!

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Re: And it has begun......



It was a riveting experience reading your story. Write a humorous book about it and you may have a best seller on your hands. Congratulations and well done. All the best .

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Re: And it has begun......

Thanks guys!! I hope it inspires someone to push through their problems, if I can do it, anyone can! It was literally year ago that I decided that i wanted to buy and now I am sitting in my new house! This site and my own personal experience gained from messing up my credit before has really helped! Though in some cases I OVER informed myself, so I was prepared for the worst, but it helped make this process livable since I understood what was happening better and that it could fall apart at any second, so I didn't fall in love until I had the keys!


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