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Ants in my pants dance!

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Ants in my pants dance!

This could under mortgage - if a moderator wants to move it - I am ok with that.  Smiley Happy


This is just to share my excitement....kind of like having "ants in my pants" - I am so excited!!


I have made my mortgage my number one enemy.  Set out to pay it off early (that was a given) but have really focused on making it a top priority.  DH is on board with this.  


1.  Looked at current balance.

2.  Looked at expected pay off date.

3.  Set a goal to pay it off.

4.  Redid budget to see if we could throw any extra money on the principle balance.

5.  Made an excel spreadsheet that has all projected payments, projected interest that will be added monthly (it's an ARM - interest is calculated once a month on the principle balance only), and the dates.


My estimated payoff date is now September 4, 2014!!


I know it's subject to change, without notice, as life happens.  And it will happen.  But it's sooo cool to have a projected pay off date that is less than two years away!!!


I have "ants in my pants" with the excitement and anticipation of making it happen.  

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Re: Ants in my pants dance!

wow, that's great.  How many years have you owned your home?

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Re: Ants in my pants dance!

Wow!!!!!  I wish I could say the same, Congratulations.

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Re: Ants in my pants dance!

Happy dance for you!!!   Minus the ants though.  Smiley Happy

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