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Any suggestions?

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Any suggestions?

Hello all! I had paid AHEAD of time on my student loans. In other words, I sent in a lump sum to cover 3 months of installments along with a letter instructing the consolidation company to apply it to the next 3 months. Suddenly, I had a 90 days over due alert on my credit report and it lowered by FICO score. I wrote to my congressional rep, wrote to the company over 9 letters, called their general counsel, contacted the president of the company, contacted the larger company that owns the loan company, and even contacted the US Board of Education. No one would would help. Keep in mind, I even included a COPY OF THE LETTER INSTRUCTING THEM TO APPLY THE PAYMENT TO THE 3 MONTHS. THEY CLAIMED I NEVER SENT IT. The last response I received from the loan company said, "we considered this matter resolved. Any follow up letters from you will go unanswered. You were overdue and have no argument." Any suggestions? It's ridiculous! Thanks! Smiley Happy SG
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Re: Any suggestions?

Yeah... Dont ever do that again!!!! Went you send in a lump sum they are going to take it as one payment. Not to sure about student loans but on mortgages I'm 100 percent sure that they will just take that as one big payment.
After you sent the letter did you follow up or even call the company? If you did Im pretty sure that you would of caught it.
And... Wecome! Smiley Happy

lysistara wrote:
 Any suggestions?

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