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Appraisal Management Fee???

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Re: Appraisal Management Fee???

it is NOT a significant factor....


and the number 1 reason why it isn't.....   ?!?!?!?!?


answer: it is legit... suck it up!!!!!!!!


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Re: Appraisal Management Fee???

Most appraisal management companies negotiate the appraisal cost down so that the added fee puts the total cost to the consumer about the same.  No matter the method of delivery and the company used, it will always run between $375 and $450 in most areas and there is nothing to be gained by beating somebody up over that small fee when the other fees are so significant.


Scott Drescher

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Re: Appraisal Management Fee???

I am not too concerned with it now.  


I was surprised to see it on the list of expected charges and to see that fee, along with the appraisal fee, was very high for an appraisal in this area.


Going with owner financing now.  Later, I will get a mortgage or heloc on the property to pay off the owners.  So  won't have to deal with the appraisal management fee for a bit.

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