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Approved with conditions!!!!!!!!!!

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New Contributor

Approved with conditions!!!!!!!!!!

I have been working hard on me and my husband's credit for a little over a year to be able to buy a house.  Now that we are finally deciding to have a house built here in Texas I am extremely nervous and stressed.  We've gone through most of the process and was told about a week ago that everything went to underwriting.  I just checked my loan status this morning and it stated "Approved with conditions."  I have no idea what that means am I approved or not?  Can someone who has been through this please let me know should I be worried.  We are using a VA loan and our combined midscore was 633.  All of my hubby's collections are paid and I have 0.  Thanx. Guys.  Without the help of these forums we would still be sitting at a 485 credit score.

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Re: Approved with conditions!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the "approved" part is very promising.  The "conditions" part may just mean that they need additional documentation, such as proof that the collections have been paid, for example.


It's Sunday; you should probably just relax today and call your loan officer tomorrow.  Good luck!

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Re: Approved with conditions!!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty normal in mortgages transactions. Approved with codition simply means they want you to take care of certain blemishes. Your lo should let you know what the conditions are. Relax, if you have gone that far, that's a good sign. Good luck.

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Re: Approved with conditions!!!!!!!!!!

"Approved with conditions" it's like getting married with conditions,.......he leaves the toilet seat up. LOL


Relax!!! Your LO will let you know, tomorrow.....So relax tonight.Smiley Wink

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Re: Approved with conditions!!!!!!!!!!

I recently closed, 3/30. I too was approved with conditions. One of the conditions was to pay off a collection account by the closing date and provide proof that it was paid.  So just hang in there and provide whatever docs the underwriters request. You'll be fine.

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