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BK and mortgage

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BK and mortgage

hello everyone.  we had a BK7, 7 years ago, and now they want ALL the paper work for underwriting.  We don't have it with us as we have moved a few times since thenSmiley Frustrated.  My question is, has anyone had to give paper work  and didn't have it? 

FICO EQ: 633 8/15/12
lender pulled 11/3/12 EQ 661 TU 650 EX598
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B/K discharged 2/2006......closed 8/2012

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Re: BK and mortgage

You should be able to get a copy online for free. Look up public access court records for your state. Pacers is the acronym I believe. Good luck.
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Re: BK and mortgage - they will have everything

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