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Bank underwriters better or worst??

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Bank underwriters better or worst??

I am going to start my mortgage loan shopping, thanks to you all & looks good! 


My question:  Do you think the banks are harder to get loans from mortgage lenders?  First citizens here in NC has an amazing program, but afraid they may nic pick my application....what do they generally look for?




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Re: Bank underwriters better or worst??

It all depends on the outlook on risk.  You can have 3 different banks all have different risk outlooks - meaning one could be very forgiving, another could be very conservative, and the third right in the middle.  Same with mortgage lenders.  There is no "one rule fits all" when it comes to that.  You can research others experiences with the bank in question, speak with their loan officers about their qualification requirements and ask them to review your situation to determine if they think it would likely be approved, and then ultimately apply for a pre-approval and see what the underwriter has to say.

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