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Best Way to Remove "Account In Dispute" for Mortgage Loan

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Re: Best Way to Remove "Account In Dispute" for Mortgage Loan

My experience:


Called numbers and followed script on the stickie.


1. Called Equifax first and they were the fastest and I only spoke to the first person after transferred. They said it will come off within 48 hours and they will email me a comfirmation. They even gave me a status number to call within a few hours to check on it.


2. Called Experian second and after being transferred to the correct department on the stickie I was told that I need to speak with the dispute department and they transferred me back. They actually said that they needed to contact OC and ask if they are okay with removing the comments and they told me it would take 30 days. They gave no comfirmation. This is the OC that I wanted to goodwill for them to remove my lates from this closed account. I was just denied gw and wonder if having those comments affected it. I wish they did not have to contact the OC. But I will relax and hope that this does not affect my gw attempt with them.


3. Called Transunion and before being transferred they asked me how did I get this number and then the lady from the department on the stickie also told me that it will take 2 days to contact the CA and have them remove the comment and that I will hear back within 5 days if it was getting removed but that it could take up to 30 days. They told me that I can call back after two days to check on wether they contacted the CA or not as of yet. They claimed that after it is all said and done they will send me mail with the update.


I don't like all of this contacting furnisher thing because I am not trying to wake up some wild lions and bears, but I will be patient and relax as I wait.


Thanks for this post because I was not even aware of all of this and now I am setting myself up to do well when I try to get my mortgage in the future. Thanks Shane!

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Re: Best Way to Remove "Account In Dispute" for Mortgage Loan

I just want to add my experience to this chain to keep most current info. for all who need it.


I called TU today- 312-985-2000.   Nice woman in India answered, at first told me she could help remove dispute comments, but then told me it would take 30 days.  I said "this is urgent, may i speak with your "Special Handling Dept." in the United States? She transferred me, I was on hold for 17 minutes, then someone in the US answered, was very nice, and removed the dispute comments while I was on the phone.


Experian:  called 714-830-7000.  Asked for the "Executive Customer Service Team."  Was told it no longer existed.    Lady asked me if I was calling to remove dispute comments by any chance.  Why yes I was, i answered.  She looked at the report, said she would do it, and it would show in 24-72 hours.   Bam.


Equifax.  I'll try tomorrow morning (they are on east coast biz hours) and report back. 


Lesson:  if you get a negative answer, politely tell them you have to go for some reason, hang up and call back.

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Re: Best Way to Remove "Account In Dispute" for Mortgage Loan

Just wanted to add my experience.  Thanks to ShaneTheMortgageMan for the information!


Called all three credit reporting agencies today.


Started with Experian - Their number was busy so I moved on to Equifax.


I called the numbers listed in Shane's post on the first page of this thread and they all still worked.


Equifax - Took 26 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold).  They removed the Account in Dispute.  It will come off in 48-72 hours and I'll get an email confirmation.


TransUnion - Took 9 minutes on the phone.  They wanted to know where I got the number and transferred me.  The CSR after transfer wanted to know if I was applying for a mortgage.  Yep.  He stated 30 days to resolve and confirmation via mail 5 days after that.  But, he said it would come off in 48-72 hours.


Back to Experian... 7 minutes on the phone.  No problem to remove.  Will be off in 24-72 hours.  Confirmation via mail.


I will post back with an update when I start receiving confirmations!  So easy to do when you have information and the confidence of a 20 page thread going back to 2011!


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