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Best place to check rate?

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Best place to check rate?

Can someone recommend the best place to check the rate I am being offered to make sure that it's good? For USDA/FHA loans? MyFico has something built in but maybe there is something better elsewhere.

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Re: Best place to check rate?

Review what others have been offered recently and provide the specifics of your situation & what you are being offered.  USDA & FHA rates should be pretty similar to each other, usually within .125%.

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Re: Best place to check rate?

We are in the process of buying (we are waiting for USDA approval) 30 year fixed no money down 4.25 it was 4.5 but since we agreed to automatic payment withdraw for the first year they took off .25 our mid score is 685

Sent to USDA on August 14th 2013 Approved September 5th CLOSED September 9th!!!!!
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Re: Best place to check rate?

4.875 as of last week, 100% financing USDA, about a 250,000 loan. Credit score 675. Was trying to get it above 680, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen by application time, I paid down my utilization from 50% to 25% and got little love from FICO for it. Smiley Sad


It was 4.55 when I applied for pre-approval a month and a half ago.


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Re: Best place to check rate?

When we pre-approved in April it was 3.5% - didn't find a house. 


Found a house in JUly and had to go through the process again, locked the rate in July 27th at 4.625%.  It looks like the only way those rates are going is up!


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Re: Best place to check rate?

I was quoted 4.25% FHA last Wednesday and the LO said the rates just went up which is true if you check bankrate average (went up from 4.35 to 4.5 and over).

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