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Buyer, closing on March 1st

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Buyer, closing on March 1st


I have been lurking the boards for the past year or so, lots of helpful information. I just recently found out I qualified for a va home loan (national guard). I requested my military service records about 6 months ago. Long story short. Preapproved for 325k on my income alone. (Married with 2 kids.) We put in a offer on a house that some how has been on the market for a long while (september). More than we wanted or need. 4 beds, den, fenced yard, unfinished basement, 2 car garage. 3k sq ft. The sleers accepted or list price offer 240k and they would cover 6k closing costs.

Inspection has been done. Out of 26 items he said should be looked into, only 2 I really wanted fixed. There was a small leak in the roof (appears to be from the rdgetop vent, and the conduit for the electric meter (buried) settled and was separated from itself. The seller agreed to fix these as well as 2 more my agent threw in.

As it stands now, my files has gone to underwriting I guess with Fannie mae. And the appraisal has been played for. It seems like we are in the final stretch.

I honestly never thought I'd be purchasing a home.... ever. Lol.

Anyways thanks all for the information I've read. Smiley Happy
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Re: Buyer, closing on March 1st


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Re: Buyer, closing on March 1st

I hope you don't mind me asking but who did your loan someone local or one of those companies with VA in tha name? I am asking because soon I will be house hunting.



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Re: Buyer, closing on March 1st

Va airline company.... Honestly I didnt research much, but so far they have been easy going. I didnt even start looking until inhad my preapproval because I didnt want to be disappointed if it came under what I was looking g at on Zillow and such.
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