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Buying my co-owned home... is this possible?

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Buying my co-owned home... is this possible?

I currently have a co-owned doublewide with ex-boyfriend in NC. He moved out, I stayed and I make the house payment. It is owner-financed at a little over 10% and I would like to lower my payments or get my name off deed, but don't want to mess up my credit by walking away from the deal. He will not co-operate with me as far as settling on what to do with home. My score is currently 621 and working on paying off debt to raise score. What are my options with using as little money as possible to refinance or purchase in my own name without a co-owner??

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Re: Buying my co-owned home... is this possible?

Buying a Mobile Home is not the same generally as buying a house.


You need to shop Lenders and Brokers who deal with Mobile Home financing. Not all of them will finance them.


Just my opinion, try and stop in one of the bigger Mobile Home lots and speak to their finance person. He or she may be able to guide you in the right direction.


Mobile Home financing has the possibility of carrying a higher interest rate, compared to standard home rates.

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