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CBC Innovis?

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CBC Innovis?

When we refinanced our mortgage last fall, we received a notification from CBC Innovis about our scores.  There were three scores indicated on the report, a TU, EQX, EXP scores.


Do these scores match what I see when I pull them here on MyFICO?  If not, how do they relate? Are they normally higher or lower?

Can you order a copy of this report?  Does the score come with it?


Do most mortgage companies pull this report? 

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Re: CBC Innovis?

The Eq score you get here is the most likely to be identical to the score your lender pulls.  The TU score sold here is TU98.  Most lenders now pull a newer version called TU04. There have been some reports here that the TU04 is usually lower than the TU98,  especially when you have lower scores.  But there have also been reports that the opposite has occuured.  In other words, theres really no way to tell how TU04 will compare to the TU98 that is obtained here on this site. But there seems to be a line of thought that TU04 weighs more heavily on negatives that are less than 24-months old.  The Ex score is not available on this site. The Ex FICO is no longer available to consumers, with the exception of a few credit unions.


This site gives you FICO scores. Other sites give you their own brand of scores known here as FAKOS.  FICO scores are the most widely used, in the lending industry.  So although the version of scores here may not be identical to the scores pulled by lenders, the information they provide are  the best we as consumers can obtain, IMO.



5/2009 EQ-504(FICO), TU98-567(FICO), EX- 503 (FAKO)
10/17/11 EQ-633, TU04-652, EX-681 All lender Pulls
10/17/11 TU98-678
12/21/2012 TU98-677 (39% Util)
01/21/2012 EQ - 661 (37% Util) SW Alert
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Re: CBC Innovis?

Innovis is a new credit bureau of the group (equifax, experian, transunion). So now credit activity is report to four credit bureaus instead of three. But from what I have read on the forums Innovis do not show a lot of your credit history  I just requested a copy of my report from them to see what's listed.

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