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CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

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CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Hi everybody! I just closed on our home late this afternoon. We went by the furniture store afterwards and picked out all we need for now. It will be delivered Friday. We stopped by and picked up our keys and garage door opener and hung out at our new home for a little bit. We still have to get the electronics.

I am no longer worried about our landlord as I know things will get taken care of with time. I avoided the eviction and my closing wasn't obstructed because of a nasty judgement hitting my credit report from her right before my closing day. So I will leave her home very nice. I plan to paint one of the bedrooms and shampoo the carpets on Friday after moving day. I'm canceling further attorney services tomorrow and will hope in the end she will have a heart for a family that has struggled too long and answered the door when their dreams came knocking. If not, I am prepared to go to court alone, no attorney. She did not take my offer for prorated rent and I owe her no back rent. So I know there is not much that she could sue me for. My landlord cannot steal the joy I have deep in my soul right now for being able to provide a better life for my family.

Tomorrow is our big moving day so I won't be on until late evening. I'll try to check in early morning tomorrow before I get started. This is our last night in this hell hole...i can't wait to lay down on my pillow tomorrow night as it will be the start of a new beginning for our family.

I deeply desire for all the homeowners-to-be to share the same feeling of homeownership that I feel at this very moment and here is my advice for you. Two bankruptcies, a foreclosure, and 10 years later, I have it back! If you are reading this and are struggling with credit issues, just know that you will get it back. It make take time but never give up. Your credit is healing with every on time payment and every time you pay down your credit card bill...your credit is healing even if your score doesn't move even one point for 2 WILL. Trust me, it will. My score plateaued several times over the years and I thought that was as good as it got. I got discouraged and would bow my head down when I began applying for credit again last year as I was afraid it was going to be another denial but it wasn't...I started hearing that beautiful word, "Approved", again and at that point I realized that pot of water I put on the stove 7 years ago finally began to boil. Your pot will boil too if you don't let it go cold. No credit damage is permanent even though it may seem like it is, it is not. You would think a person that filed bankruptcy twice would never get a mortgage loan. I am that person and I did just get a mortgage loan approved with an unpaid collection that did NOT have to paid. I hope these words provide comfort and strength to those that are dreaming and working hard for homeownership. I will be here to read about your closing day when it comes...not if it comes, because it will come. Everyone's pot of water on the stove is at a different stage but your determination is what heats that pot to boil.

Thank you all for the tremendous support during these very stressful weeks. We are not out of the woods yet but we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm officially a homeowner! I plan to stick around and hang out with my second family. Thank you all so very much!!!! My husband and my little boy say thank you too.

Cheers! :-)
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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

What an inspirational story.  I hope I can have those same feelings soon, to have a home of my own. 


I have read quite a bit what you have posted and your stuggles but you have triumphed and it gives me hope.  Congrats on the home!

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Congrats! I have been following your story these past few weeks and I'mv ery happy to hear that things are on the up and up. I'll definitely be saying prayers for you on that judgement situation. I hope your husband and your little boy enjoy your new home. I have two little boys myself, and DH and I are planning to take the mortgage plunge this summer. Once again, I am very happy for you guys!

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

I just love this post......You spoke the true!!! I know one day my pot will start to boil again!  Praying I can become a homeowner just like you. 


I have few blemish.....2 different trade lines showing defaulted for student loans.  I consolidated them in 2011 and have been paying on them every since.  


The other is Chase charge off...which was paid.


I'm praying this will not prevent me from getting a home.  Your story gives me hope and courage.  


Enjoy your new home and of course the fun part furniture shopping.  

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Congrats on getting your house. I am just beginning the journey to obtain a home it will be my first. I had a few small mistakes when I was young and lost a job I hope I can keep the faith and also become a home owner. I do have a year to get every thing in line my lease is not up until February next year but my land lord has said he would work with me if I want out of the contract early " we will see".

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Glad to see everything came together for you! Congrats on the home, where are the pictures?

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Congrats to you and your family, I'm very happy for you :-)


Have fun building memories in YOUR HOME!

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Congrats, I file for my application for preapproval tomorrow, so hopefully everything will go well.  Trying to save as much as I can.

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Congrats, have fun shopping!  

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Re: CLOSED! Advice for future homeowners :-)

Thanks for that!  Gives me hope as we just submitted an offer this week. 

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