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CLOSED -- Clueless but I would like to buy a home - USDA Direct

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Re: Clueless but I would like to buy a home

Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your story and enjoy your new home!

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Re: Clueless but I would like to buy a home

Absolutely thrilled for you!  Wonderful to see yourself and your child's dream come true!


     The end of July marks 4 happy years of my own journey with the USDA Rural Direct 

program resulting in home ownership.  I had so many nail biting twists and turns, it

was incredibly harrowing at times.  I used the listing agent as my realtor, she was glad

to see closing as much as I was and just as happy to be done with me.  


     In my case, I live on a small lake with lush trees and lots of wildlife.  This morning, 

I noticed the ceiling fan wobbling and making a lob, lob, lob and thunk, thunk sound.

Then something brown came out, it looked like a hand without fingers.  It was a 

snake!  It fell down to the floor, and I casually picked it up with a dust bin and a broom.

Relocated the skinny little thing outside.  I live in snake country, so I have learned how

to identify and it was not poisonous.  I thought it was cute.  I told my boyfriend.  He is

completely freaked out, and thinks I may have a snake infestation in my attic so we 

will have to inspect and find out.  


     The joys of home ownership, ugh.  I am still eternally grateful.  Good luck, and I 

hope I did not scare anyone.  

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