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 I seriously cannot believe I am posting that I have closed! It was a looooong road, that started last year at this time with my credit score of the low 500's! I did non-purchasing spouse, with a lot of issues. We were supposed to close the first week in December when the house was completed, but that didn't work out, so finally January 30th its over!!!

My mid-score ended up at a 650, but they haven't pulled my credit since November, so according to myfico it is up to a 651!

Now its car buying time! I have been waiting since this summer to get a new car that fits all my kids, so a mini van is calling my name!!!! lol

So for everyone with hard situations, it is possible!!!

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Congratulations!! I cannot wait to close...getting nervous here!  We are doing a new construction, and should be closing sometime in April.  I am waiting for my tax refund check to pay off my credit card so my score will go up.


It sounds like you did new construction as well.  What issues did you face that caused you to close a month after completion?  Any advice for someone like myself who is doing new construction and hopefully closing soon??


All the best!! Enjoy your new home, and your new mini-van!

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Congrats!! You give us hope!

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Congrats to your new home and all the work improving your scores.

Enjoy your home. You deserve it.
Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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CONGRATS!!! What a long journey with a happy ending! Enjoy your new home! :-)
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