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Can I Get a Mortgage with Defaulted PRIVATE Student Loans?

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Can I Get a Mortgage with Defaulted PRIVATE Student Loans?

Hi Everyone,

Here's my situation any advice is appreciated!

I have several student loans some private some federal. My federal student loans have been consolidated and have 2 lates over 2 years ago but are currently paid and in good standing. My private loans through Navient are a totally different story. After years of trying to make payments but never making a dent in the balance and having increasing monthly payments that I couldn't afford 8 of my private loans defaulted. In 2018 I started making payments through a collections agency which doesn't show on my credit report only my Navient charged off accounts show. This collections agency gave me false information and Navient's website never showed my negotiated interest rate and kept saying they had no record of the agreement which I had in writing and sent them so I eventually got frustrated and stopped paying the collections agency. I know I could get sued eventually (they still have 2 years until SOL is up in my state) but honestly I will face that if/when it comes. My real question here is will I be able to get a mortgage with those private loans showing charged off and I am not making any payments mind you even with the payments I was making to the collections agency those original Navient reportings never changed it just kept being reported as charged off every month. Anyone have any experience with this? 

**My mid mortgage score is right at 620 right now credit card usage is 6% my balance is $60 on 1 card and $0 $0 on the other 2. No other open loans other than my federal student loan payment is income based at $15 per month at the moment.


Thank you! 

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Re: Can I Get a Mortgage with Defaulted PRIVATE Student Loans?

As long as they are all reporting as charged off, you should be fine. An underwriter may get a little curious and want to "verify" that they are not govie backed.

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Re: Can I Get a Mortgage with Defaulted PRIVATE Student Loans?

Ok thank you! 

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