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Can this be fixed?

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Re: Can this be fixed?

got word from att that I could not in fact pay them directly and would have to go through the collection agency. UUUGH I called and pleaded with them to do a pay for delete and they just wouldnt do it.  Then the manager told me that if I paid today they would ofcourse update my accts to paid status and send me a satisfaction letter but both would not happen for another 30 days!!! I was so upset and I told her that it is really unfair that they recieved this acct in august but did not contact me until october and then reported on my credit reports 10 days after sending the first letter.  She actually agreed and decided to send me a letter stating that I made a payment today.  Then she said she would override the 30 day wait for the satisfaction letter and have it sent in 15 days......i guess thats the best that can be done at this point.  I will keep my LO abreast of the situation.  I did tell my realtor who happened to be in a meeting with a LO from wells fargo so he told him my situation and he said the letter of satisfaction and my LOE should do the trick.  Meanwhile, we submitted an offer yesterday and the listing agent as assured our realtor that her clients will be signing tonight!!! Hoping all goes well.

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