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Chase/VA Pre Approval

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Chase/VA Pre Approval

Hello everyone finally after a long 6 month process I finally have the scores we need to get qualified. 2 years post ch.7 scores are EX. 653, TU. 678, EQ. 600, I was automated pre approved in about 30 min. I noticed their fico requirements changed from 620 to 640 on Nov. 1, also now married couples dont have to include one another one the loan if the the credit scores arent up to par, they can qualify solo if they can. Im looking to close before the end of the year to keep from having to pay property tax for the year 2013 since im 100% sc VA but banker said it might be a long shot since the holidays will be coming. Im just grateful to get the opportunity to own my first home no matter what. I will keep everyone updated. 

Starting Score: EQ 425 (Discharged Ch. 7 BK 11/16/2010)
Current Score: EQ 600/TU 677/EX 663 (All Lender Pull 11/10/2012)
Goal Score: 700 Cross The Board

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Re: Chase/VA Pre Approval

Good for you!!!!   We will be watching your progress, you will be blessed with a home if you really want one. Smiley Happy



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