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For numerous months starting in 2007 the body of my Citifinancial Mortgage statement advised mortgage account would be merging into Citifinancial Mortage.

August 2008 Citimortgage began reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus on an additional tradeline.

I disputed the Citifinancial tradeline as account still under the same Corporate umbrella and was not sold to another.

Equifax deleted but TransUnion and Experian refuse to do so.

I am now in the process of sending letters to Texas Attorney General as well as the two credit bureaus in question. Who else should I send letters to?

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Re: Citi

It is reporting correctly if Citifinancial is your new lender.
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Re: Citi

So that I know we are on the same page...

If Citi decides to transfer my mortgage account to 10 other Citi subsidiaries... 10 Citi tradelines would be legal?

Citi will probably bite the dust so know I will have at least 1 more with same opening date, balance etc...

Have 23 years left on mortgage so this could continue for the next 23 years as when Citi purchased Associates... the Associates tradeline was taken off without me asking...

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Re: Citi

It is up to the original creditor if they want to remove the original listing I believe.  In the end, as long as they are not both showing as ACTIVE acounts, it only helps your credit by making sure the longer history shows, not just the short history of the new account.  Sometimes when this type thing happens the new creditor (in your case still CITI) may only show the account dating from when they took control of it so having the older one still show is good....AGAIN, as long as they both don;t show active and show a payment due.
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