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Clear To Close!!!


Clear To Close!!!

Hello Everyone!


I have been a frequent visitor to the myfico forms since about 2014. At that time I had finally gotten my first real job and started taking my credit and financial future serious. I believe when I pulled my first FICO score from MyFICO I was in the below 500 score range. Looking back I must have worked pretty hard to get my score that low haha.


With the help of this board I got my mortgage mid score up to 635 for my application.


I was hesitant to post anything about my mortgage process because I didn’t want to jinx anything. However I did receive the closing disclosure and was scheduled a time at the title company to close so I will assume I'm pretty safe now. Below are some of the metrics.


Housing Type: Single Family Home

Purchase Price: $75000

Signed Contract: 10/22/16 (Short Sale)

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Property Type: Single Family

Type of Loan: FHA Mid Score 635

Loan Rate: 3.85% 

Inspection: 1/7/2017 - All clear

Appraisal:  01/10/2017

Cleared to close: 01/12/17

Final Walk through: (I'm at the house almost everyday)

Closing Date: Scheduled for 1/17/2017

Closed On: TBD


I am beyond excited to own my first home at the age of 28. I know it’s not a big accomplishment for most but if I had time to explain my whole back story, I'm sure you would be excited too.


If anyone has any questions about my process or is in a similar situation I would love to answer any questions you may have. I know this process is super stressful and its helpful to have people in an amazing community like this to answer questions.


Thanks again everyone for all the help over the years!

Starting Score: 499 EQ FICO 06/20/2014
Current Score: (651 TU) (674 EX) (667 EQ) FICO(08) 5/1/2016

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Regular Contributor

Re: Clear To Close!!!

Congratulations!!!  What an inspiring story - best of luck in your new home!  

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Re: Clear To Close!!!

Thank you! I couldnt have done it without everyone here.

Starting Score: 499 EQ FICO 06/20/2014
Current Score: (651 TU) (674 EX) (667 EQ) FICO(08) 5/1/2016

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Moderator Emerita

Re: Clear To Close!!!

Congratulations!  You are almost there. What a great job going from the 500s to homeowner. Take time to savor the moment and celebrate when you close and get keys in hand Smiley Happy

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Re: Clear To Close!!!

Congrats!!!! Hoping to be there soon. I too have learned a lot from this forum and the rebuilding forum as well as credit card approvals their data and advice is helpful to with rebuilding.
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