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Clear to Close!!!


Clear to Close!!!

I haven't posted much, but have read sooooo much valuable information on this site.  I started about a year ago in the Rebuilding section since my scores were in the 500's.  In August I was pre-approved and started looking at homes.  I was outbid on 5 homes, finally got an accepted offer on a foreclosure property in September.  I fell out of contract in November due to the Village taking forever to do their inspections and not leaving me enough time for my loan process.  I submitted a new offer on the same house and it was accepted same day, but I had to agree to close within 21 days.  I found a new lender who is AMAZING and we are scheduled to close tomorrow at 1pm.  I am a single mom and I really never thought I would be in the position I am today to raise my daughter is such a wonderful home.  I really owe all of you here a HUGE thank you!  I'm not closed yet so not happy dance, but just wanted to say a quick thank you to you all for getting me this far!

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Re: Clear to Close!!!

Nicely done!  Congratulations on your (very) soon to be new home!!

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Re: Clear to Close!!!

Congratulations!! I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.



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Re: Clear to Close!!!

Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

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Re: Clear to Close!!!

Yea! Congratulations! May you have a smooth closing and remember to celebrate! Smiley Happy

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