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Clear to close!!!!!


Clear to close!!!!!

Got the phone call today from our loan officer that we're clear to close!  Closing has been scheduled for this Friday.  We are thrilled!


Been under contract since mid July.  Started with one lender, then after UW put us through all these hoops with conditions, had to change to a local lender in order to get a 3rd extension on our purchase contract.  New local bank has been awesome and they moved us right through in just under 30 days.


Will post back on Friday once we're official.  Click on my screen name to read more about our journey.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Clear to close!!!!!

Good luck and congratulations.


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Re: Clear to close!!!!!

Congrats!! Yay! Hope to be in your shoes in about 3 weeks!~

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Re: Clear to close!!!!!

Thanks guys!  We got the HUD-1 form today and have our cashier's check in hand.  Everything looks good for closing tomorrow morning at 10.


Happy-510--best of luck to you.  You'll be there soon!!

"May the scores be with you!"
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