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Closing in a week- Title Company question

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Closing in a week- Title Company question

Hi everyone! I'm closing on my house next week, Nov 30th and today I was given my closing documents to review and also got my clear to close, I can't sign them until the morning of the 30th. My loan originator emailed me saying that if the title company makes any changes to the figures, she will let me know.


So Im wondering what are the possibilities of the title company changing the figures? Does anyone have experience with this happening. I'm a nervous wreck because this is my first home, I have the amount I need for the Cashier's Check but why would the number change? 



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Re: Closing in a week- Title Company question

The numbers can change for dozens of reasons. They might need to adjust escrows or days of per diem or corrections to any of the fees - the list goes on. Usually minor 

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Re: Closing in a week- Title Company question

We had an issue at the closing table that resulted in something around a $68 difference.  We had the cashier's check for the number we were told about.  They let us write a regular check for the $68.  Just stay on top of any e-mails, and bring a check book or cash to closing just in case.

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