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Closing tomorrow!! QUESTION


Closing tomorrow!! QUESTION

I feel like I am just waiting for a phone call that says it's not going to happen, but supposedly I am closing tomorrow at 3pm!!! I cannot wait! I am supposed to recieve the settlement statement today so I guess as soon as I get that I should be good to go right?

I do have a question though, I did not tell anyone that I am pregnant, because I was worried they would ask 500 questions about maternity leave and so on, when I go to closing tomorrow is anyone there going to freak out and call the bank and tell them that I am very obviously pregnant?!?! Should I try to wear something that makes it not so obvious? I know this sounds ridiculous, but really the last thing I need is something to go wrong right now! We were supposed to close the 1st week in December and have been "homeless" since then so if we don't close tomorrow I have to find an apartment to move into this weekend!



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Re: Closing tomorrow!! QUESTION

You have nothing to worry about.

If anything is asked it wouldnt be because of anything bad. It would just be friendly conversation.

They have to issue the HUD, it gives you all your figures and cost.

You are good to go.

Congrats. Smiley Happy
Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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Re: Closing tomorrow!! QUESTION

Don't worry one little bit, your parental status has no bearing on if you can get a loan. Do not hide that belly!!! Congrats on the house and the baby!!
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Re: Closing tomorrow!! QUESTION

They can't discriminate based on appearance, that is against the law!

Congrats on closing and show off that baby bump! :-)
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