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Re: Confused

@ckubant wrote:
I submitted a complaint about BOA to this company. Will let you know if I hear back from them. I also called BOA again to try to get it in writing why they will not accept our payments anymore. They told me it just took a long time to finish their paper work and they don't have to give me anything in writing. And once again let me know it was my obligation to make my payments until they decided to finish up their part of the foreclosure. So now, after several years of the foreclosure behind us, we have to start it all over again with BOA.

I am completely confused too.  I don't know how they are going to foreclose on a property that is no longer yours due to the foreclosure on the first several years ago.


It might be well worth your while to consult with a good real estate litigation type attorney to see what can be done. I wouldn't trust a CSR with BOA to have any understanding of the process (JMO). 

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Re: Confused

I don't think I have a case from what I am hearing. I didn't talk to the CSR. I talked to a manager in the mortgage dept. They have a right to foreclose since there is no longer a house that is attached to the loan. I am fine with that. I am not fine with how long it took them to start the process. I would think they would have done it back when the house originally foreclosed, but I guess they can take their time to process it on their end. If they were an honorable institution, they could have turned the loan into a personal loan since we were never late with our payments to them all these years instead of ruining our credit all over again. But; they are not and just used us for a tax write off. I think they waited so long because they were waiting to get all their money back. It's a shame an institution can get away with this!
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Re: Confused

Talk to HUD representatives. They can also help you by at least guiding you in the right direction and perhaps your states attorney general. There is protection from these big banks but you have to find it.
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Re: Confused

That's very good advise Firemediii. Thanks!!
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