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Credit Report

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Credit Report

Hi All,


Where is the best place to obtain a credit report?  I plan to apply for a mortgage soon and from the forums it appears that several lenders do not like accounts that are in dispute or that have a dispute banner i.e. "customer disputes". 


I recently paid for all 3 reports via  However, in the past when I have compared reports received from to reports received from et al, I have noticed that sometimes the information can be slightly skewed.  For example, a few months back I compared an Equifax credit report from to an Equifax credit report from  Notably, the Equifax report did not show a dispute banner for a specific account while the Equifax did. 


With me applying for a mortgage soon, I want to take one last look at my credit reports to make sure everything is ok. 


Thanks for the help.



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Re: Credit Report

If you want to get a full report, including soft pulls, then go to each CRA website to pull it.

The information on the reports at myFICO should be the same, however it doesn't have soft inquiries.
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Re: Credit Report

Each credit bureau may have different information as some companies report to all 3, while smaller companies may report to only 1 or 2. My reports from have been accurate and they do not count against you.

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Re: Credit Report

You can pull from again.  You just have to pay a fee for them if you've used your yearly free one. 

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Re: Credit Report

Thanks for the information and this forum is outstanding.


FYI, if you are planning to dispute anything from the annual credit report you might want to read through the followinng thread (link below) available in Frequently Requested Threads.  It talks about how the CRA get 45 days instead of 30 days when you dispute information found on the annual credit report.



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