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Credit Unions w/Heloc post BK 7

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Credit Unions w/Heloc post BK 7

I've over 100k in equity on my primary home that was included in BK 7 discharge in Dec.2017. I know the seasoning period for some CU's is 4 years. Does anyone know of any CU's/Banks that anyone can join that offer Helocs with less time?

In the garden until 12/10/2019
Goal is 720+
11/15/17 EQ 591 TU 469 EX 545 FICO 8
12/25/18 EQ 676 TU 669 EX 659 FICO 8
EQ 33 INQ l TU 29 INQ l EX 48 INQ l
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Re: Credit Unions w/Heloc post BK 7

Based on your scenario,  I don't know of a single lender who would offer a HELOC. Your scores are currently too low and the BK is the deal killer. One recommendation would be to evaluate if your interest rate is above the current market. If so, you might entertain a cash out refi and kill two bird with the same stone. Or wait it out.

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