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Credit pull Trick?

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Credit pull Trick?

I was sitting thinking and this thought came to mind: I see my LO pulls my credit right before the 30 day window expires. Is this to keep that window open and to pull credit as much as she wants with no impact to my current score? If this is the case, could I also allow other banks to pull my credit and have no impact to my score?

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Re: Credit pull Trick?

After the 30 days, a new inq will count on TU and EQ.


However EX its only 15 days.


If you allow other banks to pull your credit and it has been 30 days since the first pull, you will take a hit for the inq and a new 30 day window will start.

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Re: Credit pull Trick?

My advice is, don't let a lot of lenders pull your score.  it can hurt your approval.   After the 30 days is over, all of the pulls count and can drop your score drastically...  

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