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Credit scores-mortgage

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Credit scores-mortgage

Hi all!

My husband and I have been working on our credit for the past 8 mo in hopes we can qualify for a mortgage. We have checked in credit karma but I’ve heard they aren’t accurate. Where is the best place to check them?
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Re: Credit scores-mortgage

Hi, Credit Karma is okay to provide you a general idea of what your score is. However, it is not what lenders will use when qualifying you for a mortgage. For that you will need to check and/or monitor the FICO Score 5 (Equifax), FICO Score 2 (Experian), and FICO Score 4 (Transunion). These differ from other score models (i.e. other FICO models may reflect totally different scores). The lender most likely will take the middle score for qualification purposes. So if your scores are 710, 730, and 720, the lender will use 720. I subscribe to the FICO Score 3B report which I can access these scores each month to monitor progress. There may be other methods to monitor/check, perhaps other forum members can share. Best of luck!!

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