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DU Referal

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DU Referal

So our loan went through some bumps but we finally went through UW and a loan committe as well and were approved. However my LO is telling me that when they ran us through DU they got a refer because of our forclosure date 3 years ago. I think this is because on my wifes report it shows the foreclosure in sept 2009 but which is less then 3 years. However early on my LO/Lender had a company verify the forclosure date was actually June 2009. So he is telling me they have to contact the credit agencies and get them to fix it and then re run us.


We were suposed to close 7-27 and have already pused it back to 8-03.


The refer thing scares me a bit but I guess worse case is they would have to maual underwrite us again which would take 2-5 days.


Anyone else had this refer thing happen?

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