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Defying the Odds

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Defying the Odds

Hi Everyone!  I don't post too frequently but I do browse other posts and I have always found the information very helpful. 


Here is my story.  I am under contract on a home.  I sold my previous home through a short sale (was getting divorced couldn't afford the house without his income) almost 2 years ago.  I received a preapproval about 2 weeks ago from a mortgage company that works with my credit union.  I do have to put down 20% but for me it is worth it.  This home is perfect and cheaper (with taxes and insurance) than my current rental!  I can't close until after 11/23 due to the short sale but the seller has agreed to wait and will be paying my closing costs.  The next couple of months will be stressful especially when my file is underwriting however my LO is confident.


I will keep everyone in the loop on the process.  I anticipate having to provide A LOT of documentation.  But if any of you have experienced a short sale it looks like there is still hope to buy 2 years later!   I was turned down by lender after lender.  Good luck everyone!

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Re: Defying the Odds

good luck!

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